Medical Marijuana Certifications


- 2 year Certification or Renewal

-  Save 10% on Each Future Purchase (excise-tax free)
- Hassle-Free Physician Consultation w/in minutes!

- Priority Access at Dispensaries

- Medical Grade Inspection 

- Cultivation Privileges (up to 72 plants & 15 oz)

- Legally Sell to Dispensaries

- Bonafide Doctor-Patient Relationship





Don't go expired. Stay Compliant. Don't get overtaxed.

For $50:

Pre-register with the STATE of Michigan by click here.

Physician ID: 5101020789

Once you register w/ state of MI set up your physician consult!

For step by step instructions click here

For $100:

Simply complete medical evaluation and consultation; State fee + services included.

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Pre-configured THC receptors embedded within our for body.. One of the greatest gifts of the activation of cannabinoid receptors is its remarkable potential for spiritual healing and awakening.


"Not only does Dr. Deen recommend the medication, but further educated me on my condition and connected me to a specialist"

- Joe S.

Quick, easy, and professional. Was able to get into my dispensary of choice the same day!"

- Sum Kahbeh