MD Regeneration is now offering tele-medical consultations for aesthetic and hormonal services. 


Introducing our summer special:

Consultations include blood draw prescriptions for the top 12 fitness blood test panels:

  1. CBC (complete blood count)

  2. Testosterone Free Direct

  3. Total Testosterone

  4. DHEA

  5. Estradiol

  6. Hemoglobin A1C

  7. C-Reactive Protein

  8. Fibrinogen

  9. Homocysteine

  10. TSH

  11. Lipid Panel with Total Cholesterol

  12. HDL Ratio

  13. Prostate-Antigen Ratio (Males Only)

  14. Vitamin D Hydroxy

We will be available for referral for previous clientele. For a telemedical appointment sign up on First 100 users get a free start up kit which includes a pulse oximeter. Click on the orange computer icon to set up a general consultation.