Medical Marijuana Certifications

- Save Money on Each Purchase (10% off taxes)
- Hassle-Free consultation!


- Priority Access at Dispensaries

- Medical Grade Inspection 

- Cultivation Privileges

- Possess up to 72 plants & 15 oz

- Legally Sell to Dispensaries

- Bonafide Doctor-Patient Relationship

- <24 Hour Consultation & Card 



 $50 /card

To obtain a card, a doctor-patient relationship is required.

As much as we like to debate it, medical marijuana is not the miracle cure for all medical problems.

Consultation was $100. Now $50.

The State of Michigan Fee is now $40.

It Was $60. For 2 year certification. 

Don't go expired. Stay Compliant. 

If you need us to supply this State Fee via check edit the payment option on the bottom.

All consultations require a completed HIPPA-compliant intake form and consultation by clicking on the leaves above.

Mandatory requirements: a valid State of Michigan ID/license, age 21+

Expect a tele-medical consultation with a licensed physician within 24 hours. 

For any additional questions or concerns:


For urgent care, or to schedule a tele-medical appointment ; click on the phone below